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Clearing Your Energies with Light Crystals

Mono, ON
Saturday May 11, 2019

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engelIntention of the Workshop

The Earth is ascending and humanity is collectively waking up in this long prophesized shift to a higher level of consciousness here on Earth. Our growth includes releasing and transforming our old patterns, blocks and traumas from our past. These are often stored deeply in our energy system and specifically in our chakras, which we see as centres of consciousness. Many of these blocks are caused by external sources and it is time to release these as they are holding us back and no longer serve us.

* HEAR THE STORY of how the Archangels tasked the founders of Litios Light Crystals to create these divine light tools and bring them back to Earth to benefit humanity. The Litios Light Crystals create a light portal to connect you to the higher angelic realms and help to balance your aura, raise your vibration and give you more energy, clarity, and vitality.

* We will DISCUSS WHAT EFFECTS OUR ENERGY SYSTEM, including external energies such as other beings, black magic, ET interference, implants and how we can counteract it using the Litios Light Crystals.

* DEMONSTRATION showing how to test the vibration of the chakras and aura for blocks and external interferences, including elemental beings, ETs or implants.

* GUIDED MEDITATION with the Litios Light Crystals to clear, transform and align your chakras and energy bodies. Many participants report having very intense and special experiences during the meditations in that they get in contact with the Angelic Realm or they have very illuminated visions.



12 Elf Pearls and a special Evolutionary Wand will be gifted to the Earth. This Earth Healing Set creates a wonderful light portal, where the energies of the New Age can stream in. It also serves as a power spot for the nature beings of the area where they can nourish themselves on energy and light and the Earth Healing Circle connects with the Heart of Mother Earth, allowing her to stream in her loving, supportive and harmonizing energies.

The group will do a guided meditation through a channelling for the Earth Healing Set given to Litios Founder and Angel Medium Antje Kyria Deva Eisele.

The nature beings and Mother Earth thank you for your selfless service to them.

* There will be a selection of the LITIOS LIGHT CRYSTALS on display and available for purchase.

engelSeminar Leaders:


Litios photo Ursula Peter Schnell


Saturday May 11, 2019

Time Talk and Meditation  2:00pm - 4:30pm
Earth Healing 5:00pm - 6:00pm (weather pending)


Peter and Ursula Schnell
Location The Vortex Center,
386 367 20th Side Road, Mono, ON
Costs $30.00 

REGISTRATION REQUIRED - Seats are limited 
Angelika Tishler, (416) 550-4584, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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