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Litios Introduction Seminar 1 - 

The Unified Heart Chakra

Seminar Duration - 1 day


engelCurrent Dates
Barrie: Saturday June 11, 2016



engelIntention of the Seminar

Learning to easily and effectively dowse with your spiritual guidance and angels using a pendulum.
You will be able to identify and discern different energies and expand your awareness.
Using the Light Crystals and together with the Archangels and Ascended Masters,
    you will clear your energy and activate your Unified Heart Chakra through powerful meditations.


engelSeminar Content

  • Introduction of the Litios Light Crystals for the New Age
  • Raising the light vibrations in the aura: clearing, transforming, inspiring, releasing
  • Learning to dowse with a Pendulum: dowsing with Angels serves to expand your awareness and helps you to come into contact with your spiritual guides
  • Dowsing the vibration of the aura and the chakras
  • Releasing blockages and manipulations
  • Removal of external energies and influences
  • Activation of the Unified Heart Chakra
  • Connecting to your Crystalline Light Body
  • Meditation and channellings with Archangels and Ascended Master
  • The light wave of Metatron


engelEffect of the Litios Light Crystals

  • Releasing blockages and manipulations
  • Liberating from extraneous energies and attachments.
  • Inner alignment and stabilization
  • The lightness of being
  • Being in the Golden Flow of the Universe







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