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House Harmonization and Earth Healing Seminar


Training Duration: 1 day
No pre-requisites

engelCurrent Dates:

Toronto: House Harmonisation ½-Day Seminar – planned September 2015

engelIntention of the Training

This special seminar compliments the Diamond Light Priest Training and shows in detail how to harmonize your surroundings (living and working space) from harmful energies eg. geopathic, electromagnetic as well as energetic and spiritual disturbances. Earth healing using the Litios Light Crystals will also be highlighted.

engelSeminar Content

  • Earth lines, water lines, geopathic faults: detecting geopathic disturbances and harmonizing them
  • Detecting, analyzing and harmonizing technical radiation and interference
  • Detecting and clearing sources of spiritual interference
  • Possibilities for Earth healings
  • Energizing and harmonizing using Litios Light Crystals, Archangels, Angels, Light Devas
  • Many dousing exercises using the pendulum – detecting, feeling and evaluating fields of interference
  • Initiation and meditation for house harmonization
  • Remote meditation for houses, living spaces and the work place
  • Many practical exercises and partner exercises



2017.03.20 NY Interview

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