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Avatar Diamond Essence golden

Golden Source of Bliss
everlasting Essence


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High quality glass bottle with spray head, golden
with layered tint, finely cut with lasered Litios Logo
with 3 crystal clear brilliant zirconia diamonds with fine cut and faceting

Diamond energization and initiation

Essence bottle with 3 Litios Avatar Diamonds – refillable
refill with distilled or purified water and ask Lord Sananda for his presence
water energized within 1-2 minutes

Size:   3-1/2 x 2-3/4 x 2 in.  /  8 x 7 x 5 cm
Volume:  1 ounce / 30 ml


  • Deep connection with Metatron and the Lightlords of the Sun
  • Being in contact with the divine source of bliss
  • Being connected with Jesus Christ, the golden Master of Hearts
  • Diamond source of bliss
  • A lively, golden flow also at the cellular level
  • Activates the divine flow of plenty, wealth and abundance at all levels
  • Divine joy – the higher feeling of happiness
  • Pure radiance and the holy stream
  • Delving into a blissful being
  • Activating success and happiness in all kinds of projects

The golden flow of bliss will fill your innermost being down to the cellular level activating supreme joy. Plenty, wealth and abundance of the universe will flow into your live and your projects.



Spray into the aura or on one chakra – fills the whole aura with the diamond presence of the Lightlords of the Sun in an instant. Spread by spraying in (meditation) rooms – rooms will be pervaded and cleansed. You may refill the essence bottle at any time – the 3 Avatar Diamonds transfer the diamond light frequency during refilling. Simply refill with distilled water from the pharmacy or purified water.



by Lightlord Metatron and the Lightlords of the Sun:

This is Metatron, and I will tell you something about the golden Source of Bliss.

A flow of bliss originating in God's heart – emanating from it – gushes forth into the universe in sheer endless abundance as a holy stream of purest happiness. Our atmosphere is filled with purest, fine gold powder – atoms of bliss allowing everything to shine. They enwrap everything in this celestial everlasting joy. Waves of bliss emanating from the Heart of God, incessantly billowing, refreshing and reviving.

What is the highest state of bliss? Being continually suffused with divine bliss without asking why – do I deserve it? Will it still be there tomorrow? Neither beginning nor end – neither effort nor credit – the sun shines upon the entire Earth – God's golden sun of bliss illuminates the universe. Be connected – be united – be suffused.

The Lightlords of the Sun and the Ascended Ones, who particularly direct this golden flow of bliss into the universe, are pouring waves of bliss upon this diamond essence. Heavenly hormones of happiness, heavenly endorphins, will be activated in your aura. It is pure radiance, a holy stream in all and through all. It will raise you to the highest planes of eternal bliss connecting you with the celestial flow of plenty, wealth and abundance – it shall overflow through your channel and inseminate the entire Earth.


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