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Dragon Sphere diamond


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Weitere Bilder: Drachen-Kugel Merialon

Dragon Sphere diamond

Creative Power of the Golden Master Dragons
Diamond Frequency



High quality, crystal clear glass sphere
with dragon figure lasered inside
comes with a stand

Diamond energization and initiation

Diameter: 2-3/8 in. / 60 mm

Safety Information:
Warning! Do not place the sphere in direct sunlight due to magnifying glass effect.
Do not place on a burnable surface.

Spiritual Potential

  • Opening a light portal into the Kingdom of the Golden Master Dragons
  • Dragons are superordinated Light Devas and connected with High Priest Melchizedek
  • The highest light potential of the Golden Master Dragons is activated in you
  • Very good grounding and opening of your earth chakras
  • Activation of your Kundalini powers and creation powers
  • For the manifestation of your ideas
  • Dragons are guardians and regents of the elements
  • Redemption of Karma which you imposed on creation or you experienced yourself through elemental forces
  • Transformation of miscreation, failure, downfall and destruction through the misuse of your creation powers throughout time and space
  • Redemption of your deepest and innermost fears through the fire of the dragon going deep down into your earth chakras

Through your heart's request, a mighty light portal is opened into the kingdom of the Golden Master Dragons. You are invited and enter into their illuminated dimensions. Ask to enter into the light and sun palaces of the Golden Master Dragons. They are the keepers of the living primordial creation flame of God and reside in the suns, for example in the sun of Sirius. They help you to overcome and master your primordial fears. They powerfully go over time and space and ignite their purifying transformational powers into all of your incarnations. The holy flame of the Kundalini fire is ignited within you by their dragon fire and thus they ignite your creation and manifestation powers. Dragons are strong forces of protection and watch the purity of your heart.


Possible Uses

Sit in meditation with the sphere in your hands or place it under your chair, ie. position it near the root chakra. When lying down to meditate, place it near the root chakra, over the crown or underneath the bed / massage table. Place it in an appropriate room and it will create a power protective space of light.


Excerpt from the Channelling

from the Golden Master Dragons:

We, the Diamond Master Dragons want to help you by igniting your creation powers, your Kundalini powers so that your earth chakras with all those fears from below are burnt in the fire of the dragon. They are purified as long as needed until you realize deep within you that fears are only illusion. In reality you already possess the entire light and creation powers within yourself to master everything. Fears are little stones of memories, programmed experiences that you encountered along your way. They are petrified energies that don't allow themselves to be crumbled immediately. They are engraved and manifested energies within you.

However the Kundalini fire is ignited through pure love to all creation. Whatever you may have encountered, experienced or suffered on earth, independent of all, pure love exists to the All-That-Is, to all beings, to all humans, to the flora and fauna, to the animal kingdom, to all waters and minerals.

This pure love, which is within you, ignites the Kundalini fire anew. It is multiplied, enhanced and uplifted together with our dragon fire. The rest of all old fears are burnt in this fire, in this primordial fire of creation in this manifestation fire that has been ignited. Just as intense heat can melt everything, this dragon Kundalini fire can break up even the most petrified structures of fear. Then nothing stands in the way of your creative manifestation powers and your creative potential as everything was illusion. Fear is an illusionary energy. The higher equivalent is the light, the creation, the love and almightiness of God.


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© Autorin: Antje Kyria Deva Eisele 07.03.2015


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