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Flower of Life Disc

Window into the Higher Dimensions of Light

Lightlord Metatron

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beginning of the meditation:

These Flower of Life Discs create windows into higher dimensions of light. When we establish contact with these window glasses we gain insights into the world of the angels and into the world of higher beings of light. We can open windows into dimensions of light as if we would watch a holographic movie and we can learn to train our perception intensively. This Flower of Life Disc opens our higher perception in a very special and intensive way. When people have holes in their aura through which energy is drained due to former, dark injuries – resembling a leaking barrel where the energy can flow out – these Flower of Life Discs will help you to harmonize the aura. You may put it on your Heart Chakra or on a corresponding spot in the aura, and the angels will seal this energetic hole and create a window of light. Moreover, this Flower of Life Disc is excellent for harmonizing and energizing dimensional holes or dimensional rifts in houses. It keeps negative radiation of any kind away and protects you from technical interference or negative spiritual influences. It builds up protective walls of light. Wherever you hang it there will be mighty walls of pure light that only allow illuminated planes to enter or vice versa.


Metatron El Shaddai:

I am Metatron, the eternally Radiant One, and I open a powerful window of light into dimensions that no human being has ever seen before, into dimensions of light of the highest potential, the highest planes, unknown spheres, galaxies, into the vastness of the universe and also into the universe of light that is outside or rather above the physical-material frequency. In this protective light you can open and expand your perception. You may feel completely safe as those windows of light only open for the higher dimensions of light. When you allow yourself to fall you are safe as mighty angels are the guides who train you to open your perception as well as to expand it on all levels. It ignites the lightful skills of the Holy Spirit within you, the gifts of grace of the Holy Spirit. Gifts of grace of the Holy Spirit will be handed to you in this plane of yours, in your time and your space. In this way your higher senses will be trained and directed and softly activated step by step. Whenever you meditate with this Flower of Life Disc, a higher perception will emerge within you, a window of light paving the way for a wonderful experience of light, leading you back to your abilities, to the golden legacy of God that you have carried within since the dawn of time. Your divine potential will unfold, be expanded and re-activated. It will activate the light connections to the masters and lady masters, to the matrix which trains you, guides and leads you especially now.

Therefore, it is a particularly valuable training tool in the aura of humans who are ready to evolve further. You may wonderfully put it on your Heart Chakra or wherever you would like to put it, even next to your physical body. It creates a powerful window into the light. You may always ask the angles for a good place to put it, and then allow yourself to be intuitively guided and lead by the mighty angelic guards of this Crystal Disc. It is as if you would look into a pristine crystal with your third eye, and this crystal conveys visualizations, visions and intuitions, everything that is important for you to know or to experience in your current situation. It also enables you to take the next step, to activate, expand and raise your potential. It is a wonderful light tool to activate the higher potential of your lightful skills.
And so it is, Beloved.


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