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The Evolutionary Spiral

Metatron El Shaddai

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beloved, this is Metatron El Shaddai. You are connected with the galactic nebulae, with the primeval nebulae of creation, the galactic spirals of creation.

Entire galaxies were created out of those primeval spiral nebulae. So harmony is inherent in the largest creation as well as the smallest being – yes, even in the microcosm there is Oneness. Hence you return to the harmony of this energy of creation which is awakening within you and awakening the primordial elements on all planes - the galactic primeval nebulae - since your creation reaches back to the beginning of this galaxy, all galaxies of this universe. This pristine information is awakened within you, it is given back to you – the recollection of the origin of creation, the beginning, the Alpha of creation.

God said: "Let there be light!" It is the pristine information of light, as creation evolved from light. So this information is embedded into the entire creation. And so it is within you, Light from True Light, begotten within you. A spiral of light emerging from God's Primordial Thought, carrying the entire creation already within itself. This light is within you, within everything you are. That divine impulse is in this Evolutionary Spiral and also within you. Evolution inevitably leads you back to Source, for the whole creation and to perfection – to Omega.

Be absolute Divinity in all that exists. The Golden Ray is perfection.

Hence the archetype, the primordial image, the Adam Kadmon, Alpha and also Omega within you. Creation is one with the Creator, all is one, as the primordial light impulse returns to God, to the origin: The breath of God.

The Primordial Light is rekindled within you. You are a galaxy of the Divine, a primeval spiral nebula of infinite expansion. It is the divine "I AM that I AM" within you. And your consciousness conceives God's Primordial Thought. You shall find inner enlightenment. The whole creation within you shall be lit by this Light and attain enlightenment. Everything arose from the Light within you. It unites heaven and earth, spirit and creation and everything that exists is one. God from eternity to eternity in His creation - the Spirit of God is within you and with you.

The Spirit of eternity encompassed the primeval nebulae and breathed life into them – may eternal life be within you and with you. So be it. And I, Metatron the Radiant One, carried the light into creation. I am the "Let there be light" in creation. Amen.

In the name of the Highest, in the name of the Sons of God, and in the name of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Presence in creation. And so be it.




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