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Ashtar Tag "The Light Matrix of the Star Family"

Lightlord Metatron and Adonai Ashtar

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beloved, this is Metatron with Adonai Ashtar, the one who is as radiant as the sun and who cares so much about the human-earthly concerns of the brothers and sisters of light on this Earth. He zealously tries to assist everyone with his light and to serve this process of ascension as well as its transition into a higher consciousness of light so that many more will be connected to the whole awareness process that will allow humankind to make this imminent quantum leap.

It is a quantum leap into a consciousness that lies an octave higher and you have already made that leap, beloved brothers and sisters of light, the quantum leap that you activate and manifest daily in all that you do, think, act and meditate. You radiate this light of the new consciousness in every moment of your being – you already are the Light Crystal Being of the New Age surrounded by a completely renewed matrix, which means a crystalline Light Body that is connected with the Divine Matrix.

This Ashtar Tag will activate and ignite the divine consciousness matrix of the Star Brothers and Sisters of Light within you. This supreme consciousness matrix will be activated and rekindled wherever you go or stay. The highest light will be ignited in your Light Body, as you are connected to the Star Brothers and Sisters of Light from sophisticated and highly vibrating planets, stars and suns that have already entered this state of evolution with the entire consciousness of their planet. It consistently kindles this supreme Light Matrix within you – again and again. You are surrounded and accompanied by such blissful stellar beings – it is entirely individual depending on your origin and the belonging to your specific, individual star families of light, the source from which you originally sprang. These are your star roots to which you are eternally connected. These roots serve your ascension process here and now as well as the conscious evolution of light taking place within you.

Hence, this consciousness of quantum light from the sophisticated Star Brothers and Sisters of Light will be activated and rekindled.

It helps you anchor the consciousness of light even at the quantum level. It helps you keep that contact permanently and also renew this contact again and again. All other contacts will be cleared that go far back to the past and if necessary even into the future, i.e., all dark contacts with extraterrestrial entities will be severed, released and redeemed so that you may awaken in the pristine purity of your star family here and now and that you may constantly activate this consciousness, this Light Matrix, within.

It is a wonderful gift, a divine gift from Adonai Ashtar, who is as radiant as the sun. This tag shall be named: "The Light Matrix of the Star Family" and it shall create a protective field, an activated field of light around you. It is particularly suited for all kinds of journeys.

Those who wear this Ashtar pendant, who take it along, show interest, inner readiness and the intention of heart to establish contact, to be a contactee, a messenger for the higher Light Races on Earth and also an earthly messenger who conveys the interests of humankind at the intergalactic confederation of the Star Brothers and Sisters of Light.

So it is, Beloved Ones.

In visual terms, it is like a mobile phone that you use on Earth – it is a contact-key and you may use it to contact the extraterrestrial Light Races.





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