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Stranger at the Pentagon

Stranger at the Pentagon

Author: Dr. Frank Stranges



Description and Content

Valiant Thor 2In 1958, an unidentified disc-like flying object landed at a military base near Washington and a man about six feet tall and about 185 pounds, brown wavy hair, brown eyes and a fair complexion emerged. He announced that his name was Valiant Thor and that he was from the planet Venus. He was whisked off to the Pentagon where he met President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon. He announced that he was heading a small delegation from Venus and that he would personally be staying for 3 years to advise Earth's leaders in an indirect capacity.

He was given a penthouse suite in the Pentagon where he then lived for 3 years and as he was spiritually highly advanced, he could come and go as he pleased. His 200g 1-piece thin commander suite from Venus was tested by the US army and found to be indestructible. The mysterious visitor had no fingerprints, could read minds and dematerialize at will.

Valiant Thor 1Read how the author Dr. Frank Stranges met Valiant Thor and how they became friends, what Valiant's true mission on Earth is, and the advanced ships and technology that the Venusians had at their disposal. Valiant proposed to Eisenhower social and economic solutions to eliminate sickness, poverty and death which work in enlightened civilizations beyond Earth and Eisenhower returned to regrettably inform him that the American elite could not accept and implement his proposals since it would ruin the American economy as we know it.

After having left the Pentagon and returning to his ship, Valiant has remained incognito on the Earth and commands the Venusian delegation of advanced, benevolent beings on many spaceships that remain invisible to the human eye. They follow world leaders and events from their advanced monitoring systems to ensure that humanity's transition to a higher consciousness can happen as smoothly and peacefully as possible. They are in regular contact with human contact persons who have an open heart and mind as well as with the spiritual hierarchy of this planet.

Valiant Jill and Don colour 300x150Learn about life on Valiant's home planet Venus and on an interstellar spaceship of advanced technology. Hear Valiant's advice and warnings for the human race, the battle of light and dark transpiring on Earth and how to manifest divine protection which all Venusians do daily while on Earth.

This informative, interesting and suspenseful narration by Dr. Frank Stranges is highly recommended reading for all.



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