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Light Priest*ess Practice Workshop - ONLINE
Saturday April 9, 2022

Click here to register online

1-day Light Priest*ess Practice Workshop
 Practicing Aura Harmonization

engelIntention of the Workshop

This workshop is a practicing day of the Litios methods, where we repeat and go deeper into the modules from Part 1 and Part 2 of the Light Priest*ess Training.

During these turbulent times, it is more important than ever that we should (re)activate and use our abilities and skills, to clear ourselves and others around us, as well as raise our vibration and energy, with the powerful methods and possibilities that we learnt in the Light Priest*ess Training.

Throughout the workshop, we will be giving tips, advice and simply going deeper into the work to benefit you.

engelContent of the Workshop

  • Review the steps for the Intuitive Light Body Session, repetition and/or deepening of topics
  • Do partner exercises including an Aura Harmonization on each other remotely
  • Question and answers, tips and advice
  • Experience some deep meditations
  • Allow everyone a chance to share their experiences with the Light Crystals to inspire each and uplift each other.

Connect with the high energy and higher dimensions again as well as enjoy an energetic spring cleaning  of your energy system from what we have accumulated  in the past months.

It's also a great preparation for the Part 3 in April with Antje and Edwin.

We are keeping the costs for this 1-day seminar reasonably low to encourage as many of you to join. The cost for the full day is $C89.


Lightlord Metatron: "It is time to unfold your true Light Potential and pass it on to the Earth".

engelSeminar Leaders:

PeterUrsula Schnell square 1500x1500 Date Saturday April 9, 2022
Time 10-5 EST
Seminar Leaders Ursula and Peter Schnell


Costs $C89 (incl. taxes)



  •  Part 2 of the Metatron Diamond Light Priest*ess Training
  • Internet device with quality webcam, speakers and microphone
  • Agreeing to the Litios Seminar Waiver
  • Pendulum required (Litios Crystal Pendulum recommended)
  • Highly recommended is the Melchizedek Wand
  • Worksheets and Handouts Part 1 and Part 2

Have your personal Light Crystals with you for this workshop.


Click here to register online


The Melchizedek Wand

Melchizedek Wand 2x framedThe Melchizedek Wand is the most important Light Tool for a Diamond Light Priest*ess. Many of our seminar participants use it daily for themselves and with others.

The Melchizedek Wand represents the Fire of the Holy Spirit and is fully aligned with the Initiations and Powers of Authority of High Priest Melchizedek.

It is a powerful light tool allowing and enabling you, on behalf of High Priest Melchizedek, to clear and transform low vibrating and interfering energies

It also enables you to fill the entire aura with primordial light, to bring back the natural order of things, the divine harmony and high vibration.

In meditations, it helps to clear you and raise your own light consciousness.

So we highly recommend that you purchase your own Melchizedek Wand.



ONLINE over Zoom. Link will be sent after registration.


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