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In New Year's Eve, we had a very special meditation with the Litios Founders, Angel Medium Antje Kyria Deva and Edwin Eisele.

Peter translated simultaneously into English.

We have uploaded this meditation onto our website to make it available for a broader audience and you can listen to it again.
You also can download it, so you have it available as often as you wish.

This MP3 version here is the simultaneous translation into English by Peter with music background.


 Listen to the MP3 Replay here
(English version)

We experienced a deep clearing of dark timelines and also walked backward in time month by month, over the whole past year, blessed every situation that was difficult, sad, painful or disharmonious and went in harmony with everything that was. All our chakras were purified of the past and then ignited for our luminous future by High Priest Melchizedek and Archangel Michael.

Very special was that the Archangels took us on a journey and project us into each quarter of the year of 2022, so that we could formulate our clear visions, our highest wishes, our brightest future, to then feel into these and see ourselves harvesting the fruits of our wishes that we wish to manifest for the new year.

Archangel Metatron speaks (excerpt of the channelling):

Receive now the divine plans, the divine matrix. The light consciousness that belongs to you from eternity, Beloved Ones, and to the whole human family. Receive now the divine plans that have been predestined for you from eternity.

A powerful light portal opens itself into the Golden Future. You can now receive your personal divine plan from your Higher Self for the coming year and anchor it in the frame of timeā€¦..

Together with all the Light and Star Brothers and Sisters, we bless our golden future, the future of humanity and the Earth.



Lightlord Metatron speaks.

Beloved Ones, be aware that the dark timelines are always activated by fear. You are presented with a possibility, a possible future that frightens you. You think, "Oh my God, if this happens, how terrible!" And you are afraid of it because it causes pain in your soul. Surrender this pain of the soul and clear now the frequency of fear together with the altar angels, the seraphim and cherubim, who are perpetually worshipping the Divine.

They purify you today from the frequencies of fear. For the fear frequencies that are activated in you, in turn, act as a magnet for dark timelines. This is how the lower vibrational always works: it activates fear, resistance, anger or rage within you and thus brings the dark timelines into resonance with you, for they vibrate at a lower, energetic level. You are all aware of this.

Today you will experience a deep cleans. Consciously separate yourselves. This illusion has no power because it will collapse within itself anyway. Only the divine light power can triumph. There is only this possibility, because this golden, divine timeline, has eternal value. Everything that has emerged from the Heart of God Himself, that has been sanctioned, is what will endure. Everything else falls apart. Be aware that the more intense the negative things rise up, the faster they pass away. It collapses within itself and destroys itself.


Beloved ones, the divine plan is already here. You may think that dark beings have been pursuing a plan, an agenda of darkness, for decades and centuries. But we, your Light and Star Brothers and Sisters, have not been asleep either. Rather, we have had an overview at every moment of every plan that has been made, of every action of the darkness. Millennia ago we foresaw the golden age. This higher, overriding divine plan has been activated and is already running from eternity to eternity.

Receive now the divine plans, the divine matrix. The light consciousness that belongs to you from eternity, Beloved Ones, and to the whole human family. Receive now the divine plans that have been predestined for you from eternity.

Anchor them within you, in all energy bodies, chakras and in all timelines, they are now being streamed in and anchored. Furthermore, this light key, these codes, are multiplied into the light body of humanity.

I activate the golden divine time creation lines in my light body, the golden matrix of the divine plans for my future, the divine visions for the future of all humanity. The golden Christ Consciousness completely envelops me and fills me, fills my cells and my cellular memory down to the quantum level.


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